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Program Overview

The Montana Historic Preservation Grant (MHPG) Program is a state-funded program created in 2019 as a result of Senate Bill 338, Sections 1 through 17. The MHPG Program is designed to support public or private entities with the preservation of historic sites, historical societies, or history museums through grant funding. The MHPG Program provides the opportunity to stimulate economic development, community revitalization, and statewide tourism through increased investment, job creation or retention, business expansion, and local tax base growth.  Combined with such return on investment, the program supports the preservation of Montana’s historic structures, sites, societies, and museums, contributing to the maintenance and demonstrating the economic impact of historical resources throughout the state.  The program coordinates with wider historic preservation technical assistance available and utilizes the diversity of funds to address both the financial and preservation gaps of projects.  The program funding invests in the critical point to help projects move forward, catalyzing local revitalization and economic growth.

Applications due February 28, 2020

Application also available in Word Format.

MHPG Application Guidelines (PDF)

MHPG Application Word Version (Word)

MHPG Application Guidelines Appendix B (PDF)

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