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The Delivering Local Assistance Program was created in 2019 to support communities impacted by natural resource development. Specifically, this program will focus grant funds toward local governments and schools to address the needed investments in facilities and other community infrastructure priorities across Montana.

Delivering Local Assistance is a state-funded program created through House Bill 652, Sections 1 through 8. HB 652 authorizes funds to be awarded to local governments and schools districts to complete infrastructure projects through grants. In total, $21.5 million in grants are available. Of that, $10.75 million will be distributed to local infrastructure projects and $10.75 million will be distributed to school district infrastructure projects as defined in the bill.  This allocation of funding is a one-time authorization available for the 2021 Biennium. These application guidelines explain how to complete the application process to be considered for an award of funds through the DLA program.  

Applications considered for this grant must have been submitted between June 1, 2019 and September 30, 2019.

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DLA Application Guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the DLA Program?
Delivering Local Assistance is a new infrastructure program created to support communities impacted by the growth or decline of natural resource development. Specifically, this program is focusing funding toward local governments and schools to address the needed investments in facilities and other community infrastructure priorities.

Is my school, town, county or tribal government eligible for the program?
Yes. All Montana schools, towns, counties and tribal governments are eligible. Each project will be evaluated based on criteria outlined here.

Am I eligible to apply for DLA if I received a Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP) award?
Yes. The applicant must meet the Delivering Local Assistance eligibility criteria.

Do target rates apply to DLA?
Target rates do not apply to the Delivering Local Assistance program.

Will there be a preference given in DLA ranking if an applicant has received an award from the Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP)?
No preference will be given. Awards in DLA are based on the program eligibility criteria.

How DLA will impact TSEP start-up conditions?
This is project specific and dependent on project components, sources of funds, and the demonstration of natural resource development impacts.

Can DLA funds be considered as match for TSEP or CDBG grants already awarded? Can other State and Federal grants or loans be considered as match for DLA?
Yes, in both cases. Match is not required for DLA, however it is encouraged.

Is DLA a good fit for school infrastructure projects?
Yes, the DLA program sets aside a minimum of $10.75 million in funding for eligible school district projects. 

If my school district requires school board approval prior to submitting the application, can the district still apply after the deadline?
The Department can accept an application contingent upon school board approval up until Sept. 30, 2019. 

Does the DLA Program have a planning component that can fund preliminary engineering reports (PERs) and preliminary architectural reports (PARs), or is it exclusively for construction?
The Delivering Local Assistance program funds eligible infrastructure projects to eligible local governments that are impacted by the growth or decline of natural resource development. Eligible infrastructure projects are listed in the application guidelines. Eligible local governments are encouraged to include all necessary project funding uses in the application to complete a project successfully; as an example, this could include planning costs, administrative and construction related costs. Requests for PAR/PER’s as a stand-alone project are not eligible in DLA.

If an applicant is submitting more than one application, what does it mean to prioritize?
Individual eligible applicants must prioritize their own applications if they are submitting more than one application with overlapping boundaries. As an example, a city must prioritize city projects applied for, but does not need to prioritize based on a school district’s project.

Does the proposed project need to demonstrate a natural resource impact?
Yes, the DLA application contains specific questions to describe the impact of the growth or decline of coal, oil, natural gas or timber development on the community. 

Informational Webinar

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