Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing (PRO Housing)

Communities nationwide are suffering from a lack of affordable housing, and housing production is not meeting the increasing demand for accessible and available units in many urban and rural areas, particularly areas of high opportunity.

Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing (PRO Housing) supports communities who are actively taking steps to remove barriers to affordable housing, such as:

  • Barriers caused by outdated zoning, land use policies, or regulations;
  • Inefficient procedures;
  • Gaps in available resources for development;
  • Deteriorating or inadequate infrastructure;
  • Lack of neighborhood amenities; or
  • Challenges to preserving existing housing stock, such as increasing threats from natural hazards, redevelopment pressures, or expiration of affordability requirements.

Grantees may use awards to further develop, evaluate, and implement housing policy plans, improve housing strategies, and facilitate affordable housing production and preservation.

Public Hearing

On October 18, 2023, at 11 a.m., the Montana Department of Commerce held a public hearing via Zoom in regards to a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the new U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing (PRO Housing) program. A summary of all comments and feedback received, and our response, will be available for review in Attachment A of the final application materials. The official public comment period for this application closed on October 18, 2023, at 11:59 p.m., but if you would like to provide further feedback, you may do so by emailing

Program Downloads


Alternatively, you may request a hard copy of the forms by sending an email to

Final PRO Housing Application

Draft Application Materials

Summary of Public Comment (Attachment A)

Certifications (Attachments B)

Leverage (Attachment C)

Forms (Attachments D)