Past Programs

The Department of Commerce occasionally receives funding allocations that are one time only programs, or funding available for a limited time.  These program are administered similarly to other CDD programs, competitively ranked and funded with project rollout and completion supported by staff throughout the construction activities. Funds in these programs have been fully expended.

Please see programs tabbed below for further information.


The Broadband for Montana Schools Program enabled schools to upgrade their broadband, boosting access to high-speed Internet and provided students with more digital learning tools.

The Broadband for Montana Schools program was authorized during the 2017 Legislative session in House Bill 390 and awarded to school projects throughout the 2019 Biennium. The program provided state match funding to leverage broadband funds accessible through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) E-rate program for Montana’s public K-12 schools.

The Department of Commerce worked with E-rate consultants to assist school leaders with applications for the Broadband for Montana Schools Program and the FCC E-rate Program. Project activities are underway for schools who were successful in receiving funding, and will be completed by 2022.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) - 2008 to 2010
The Montana Department of Commerce received two, one-time only, allocations of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). NSP1 and NSP3 funds were awarded through a competitive grant process to stabilize communities experiencing the impacts from the 2008 housing crisis. All NSP funds have been fully expended. The program continues to operate at a local level with program income funds and reporting the use of the funds to the Department of Commerce.

NSP funds were used to:

  • Create financing mechanisms to purchase and redevelop abandoned and foreclosed properties (through means such as soft-second loans, loan loss reserves, and shared-equity loans);
  • Purchase and rehabilitate abandoned and foreclosed homes to re-sell, rent, or redevelop;
  • Establish land banks of foreclosed home properties;
  • Demolish blighted structures, if the activity will directly assist a household at or below 120 percent of the area median income; and
  • Redevelop demolished or vacant properties, if the activity will directly assist a household at or below 120 percent of the area median income.


The 2015 Legislature allocated $1.5 million through House Bill 2 to provide grant funds to organizations operating an existing youth recreation facility on Montana State Trust Lands in order to improve upon their facilities and enhance recreation opportunities for children. These Youth Recreation Facility Infrastructure Grants were administered by the Montana Department of Commerce, Community Development Division.

Applicants requested up to $1,500,000 per project for infrastructure improvements to existing youth recreational facilities on Montana School Trust Lands. No matching funds were required. Youth Recreation grant funds were provided on a reimbursement basis for eligible costs incurred after the date of grant award.

Projects eligible for Youth Recreation grant funds were infrastructure improvements for:

  • Drinking water or other types of water systems;
  • Wastewater treatment, sanitary sewer, or other types of sewer systems;
  • Roads;
  • Parking facilities; and
  • Utilities.

The Quality Schools program was authorized by the Legislature to address infrastructure, deferred maintenance and facility deficiencies in school buildings and campuses. 

The 2017 Legislature repealed the Quality Schools Program administered by the Department of Commerce. The program was replaced with a new fund within the Coal Tax (Senate Bill 260), and provides infrastructure funding to school districts using a formula administered by the Office of Public Instruction. Applications for Quality Schools grants are no longer  accepted by the Department of Commerce. For information about schools infrastructure funding contact the Office of Public Instruction at 406.444.3095. 

An archived library of 2009 Montana School Facility Condition Inventory reports are available herebelow. Select your school district name and/or building name from the drop down menus.