Youth Recreation

Application Process

Application Submission

The Department of Commerce is no longer accepting new applications for the 2017 Biennium Youth Recreation Facilities Grant Program, as all available grant funds have been allocated through this one-time only funding.

Application Review & Award

Department staff reviewed and ranked grant applications for both technical and financial feasibility, and the extent to which the proposed project related to the following grant criteria: 

  1. The need for the project, including the extent to which the proposed project will overcome a problem or deficiency faced in providing activities for Montana youth;
  2. The availability of other funding for the project, including the extent to which the applicant has sought out and obtained matching funds to complete the project;
  3. The applicant’s past efforts to ensure sound, effective, long-term facility planning and maintenance;
  4. The capacity of the applicant to manage the grant, including but not limited to its ability to manage the project and meet the grant conditions of the Department; and
  5. The community’s support for the project.

Staff considered the overall quality of the application, including measurable project goals, tasks, and activities, and a well-developed work plan and budget, in making award decisions. Grant awards were generally made on a first-come, first-served basis until funds were allocated; however, the Department reserved the right to reject applications that were incomplete, ineligible, or did not clearly demonstrate how the proposed activity would meet the legislative intent for Youth Recreational grants.


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