Program Overview

The Treasure State Endowment program provides funding assistance for drinking water, wastewater, storm sewer or storm drain, solid waste, and bridge projects. The funding for the program comes from revenues earned on interest from Coal Severance Taxes.

The program makes awards to cities, towns, counties, and districts to replace aged collection or distribution systems, newly construct or repair treatment facilities, and repair or replace bridges. Program awards are focused on addressing health and safety problems and financial needs of applicants.  

Grant and Match Requirements

Applicants must provide matching funds of at least dollar for dollar of the amount requested from the program.

Maximum grant amount available is $750,000, $625,000 or $500,000 dependent on user rates being charged in the project area. Please see the Applying for Grants page for more discussion on rates versus amount of award available. Bridge projects are generally limited to $500,000.

Eligible Project Expenses

Eligible project expenses are those that are project related and incurred after the project award is authorized by the Legislature. Some examples of typical costs reimbursed for by the program are: engineering designs and inspection, grant administration, surveying or geotechnical, and construction. This list is not all inclusive.

Application Review and Award

The Department reviews and ranks applications received by the application due date in even numbered years and submits funding recommendations to the Governor. The Governor reviews the Department’s recommendations and submits the recommendations to the Legislature as part of the Governor's budget for the upcoming Biennium. The Legislature makes the final decision about which applications are funded and makes the necessary funding appropriations.


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