Applying for Grants

Applications are only accepted every other year, since funding for TSEP projects is approved by the legislature. Applications are due in the spring of even numbered years. To apply, an applicant must include all information required by application instructions. The Department reserves the right to reject ineligible, incomplete, or otherwise improper applications.

Grant Amounts

Construction grant applications are limited to a maximum of $750,000, $625,000 or $500,000. These maximums are established by user rates being charged in the project location. In order to qualify for the maximum of $750,000, the applicant’s user rates must be at least 150% of the community’s “target rate” (based upon the projected monthly rates with TSEP assistance) upon completion of a proposed water, wastewater project, storm sewer, or solid waste project.

If the user rates are projected to be between 125% and 150% of the community’s “target rate,” applicants are eligible to apply for no more than $625,000.

Applicants whose user rates are less than 125% of the community’s “target rate” are limited to a maximum of $500,000.

Bridge projects are limited to a maximum of $500,000, unless it is clearly demonstrated that extenuating circumstances exist.

Required Match

A dollar-for-dollar match is required, and can be other public or private funds (cash, loans, and other grants). In cases of extreme financial hardship, where the public's health and safety are seriously affected, grants up to 75% of the project costs may be awarded.

Components of an Application

  • Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Uniform Application
  • Responses to TSEP Statutory Priorities
  • Completion of Environmental Review

Applications are limited to one applicant, one project per funding cycle. The TSEP Application Guidelines provide detailed information about requirements of the program and lists information required in the application. The application form and preliminary engineering report requirements are in the Uniform Application for Montana Public Facility Projects.

Prospective applicants should contact TSEP staff as soon as possible to discuss their project and the application requirements.

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