Application Process

Treasure State Endowment Program grant applications are accepted in the spring of even numbered years. Prospective applicants should contact TSEP staff as early as possible to discuss their proposed project and program requirements. In general, projects that solve serious health and safety threats, and have a serious financial need are likely to be more competitive and ranked higher than other proposed projects.

Application Review and Award

Department staff reviews TSEP grant applications for impacts to health and safety, financial need, technical design and the extent to which the proposed project relates to each of the seven statutory priorities set forth in Section 90-6-7, MCA. Commerce will rank applications received according to the definitions in the priorities. Applications are reviewed and ranked during the summer of even numbered years. Bridge projects are reviewed and ranked only against other bridge project. Commerce will provide two lists of recommendation to the Governor – one list containing bridge projects, and one list containing infrastructure projects.

In consideration of the Department’s recommendations, the Governor makes a funding recommendation to the Legislature as part of the Governor’s budget for the upcoming Biennium. The Legislature makes the final decision about which applications are funded and makes the necessary funding appropriations.

If the Legislature recommends the project for funding, TSEP staff will contact project contacts to transition into carrying out and the administration of your grant.

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