Due to the repercussions of COVID-19, the Montana Department of Commerce has received many public comments expressing concern over the May 1, 2020 TSEP Construction application deadline. Commerce has: (1) extended the application deadline to June 12, 2020; and (2) will allow TSEP Construction Application public meeting documentation to be submitted any time up until August 3, 2020. 

Application Forms

The TSEP Application Guidelines provide the information needed to apply for a TSEP construction grant. Projects applying for a TSEP construction grant, also need to complete the Uniform Application For Montana Public Facility Projects.

NOTE:  One hard copy and one electronic copy (either on compact disc or submitted through the State of Montana File Transfer Service) of the application must be postmarked (or delivered to the Department of Commerce, 301 South Park Ave, Helena MT) by the application due date. Electronic copies submitted on portable USB drives are discouraged.

2023 Biennium TSEP Application and Guidelines (PDF) (Word)

Uniform Application For Montana Public Facility Projects (PDF) (Word)

PER Outline (PDF)

PER Outline - Bridges (PDF)

Target Rate Analysis Information (PDF)

Application Submission Guidance Presentation (PDF)

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