Administering a Grant

TSEP provides a project administration manual to help grantees complete all required documentation and steps to successfully implement your grants. Recipients of TSEP financial assistance are responsible for administering their projects in accordance with all applicable state statutory and regulatory requirements.

When a project is awarded a TSEP grant, all grantees representatives will be assigned a TSEP specialist that they will work closely with throughout the process to complete project activities. The TSEP specialist will assist you in carrying out all activities related to the project. Including, but not limited to, contracting, reimbursements, plans and specifications review, carrying out bidding procedures, pre-construction meeting, working with the selected construction contractor, and completion of the project and reporting.

Start-Up Conditions

Each grantee can incur reimbursable project costs as of the authorized date in its Notice of Award letter. Those costs will be eligible for reimbursement once the grantee meets all start-up conditions and executes a contract with the Department. Start-up conditions include: 

  1. Finalizing the Project Budget
  2. Finalizing the Project Implementation Schedule
  3. Obtaining Firm Commitment of Other Funding Sources
  4. Completing a Management Plan
  5. Demonstrating compliance with financial reporting and audit completions with the Department of Administration
  6. Updating the Environmental Review, if necessary (Typically, this has already been completed at time of application, but if a project has had any changes, the review may need to be revisited. Contact us.)
  7. Finalize the TSEP Contract

Project expenses eligible to be reimbursed by TSEP funds include any reasonable and authorized expenses directly related to the eligible infrastructure project and incurred after the project has been awarded through the legislative process and signed into law by the Governor.

Grant Contract

The process of finalizing the contract will include finalizing the project budget and implementation schedule and incorporating the scope of work to be completed by the grantee. The grantee’s application for TSEP grant funds, as approved by the Department and/or the Legislature, is incorporated by reference into the contract and the representations made therein are binding upon the Grantee.

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