Administering a Grant

The TSEP grant recipient is required to enter into a grant agreement with Commerce. Commerce will establish a termination date in the contract. Infrastructure planning grant contracts won’t be extended past the contract expiration date unless reasonable progress can be shown. Grant recipients that have not procured an engineer or professional services within six months of a signed grant agreement will cause the grant to be terminated, unless the grant recipient can demonstrate substantial progress in obtaining an engineer or planning professional.

Grant recipients must be in compliance with the state’s auditing and reporting requirements provided for in 2-7-503, MCA.

No TSEP funds appropriated for the 2019 biennium are available for actual distribution until after July 1, 2017.

Commerce will reimburse the TSEP grant recipient a maximum of 50% of the total grant amount for incurred expenses within 30 days of receipt of an approved draft infrastructure planning document. A draft PER must generally address each item required in the PER outline as presented in the most current edition of the . While it is not expected that the document will be complete, it must show clearly that all applicable items required for a PER are being addressed and that the engineer is proceeding toward the preparation of a complete and acceptable final product.

The Department will reimburse the TSEP grant recipient the balance of the grant within 30 days of receipt of an approved final document for any additionally incurred expenses not claimed in the first payment. The final version must be complete and have been reviewed by Commerce staff; an electronic version of the final product will be required.

Grantees that plan to submit a TSEP construction grant application should contact TSEP staff for guidance on environmental requirements.

For guidance on Preliminary Engineering Reports and Capital Improvements Plans, please visit the Resources page.

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