Montana Main Street


Organizational Assistance:
Montana Main Street staff works with member communities on issues of staff responsibility, long-range planning, community needs assessment, and implementation.

Technical Assistance:
Member communities receive continuous technical assistance from Montana Main Street staff to assist in achieving programmatic goals.

Member communities have access to free regional workshops and webinars hosted by Montana Main Street and other affiliated programs.

Annual Conference:
Member communities have the opportunity to attend the annual Montana Downtown Conference at a reduced cost.

Main Street 101 / Four Point Foundational Training:
Montana Main Street staff will provide training to new member communities as needed/requested.

Grant Funding:
Member communities have the ability to apply for annual grant funding to assist them in planning for revitalization and completing activities and projects in their downtowns. Certified and Designated Communities are not required to provide a local match; Affiliate Communities are required to provide a local match.

Community Networking:
Montana Main Street communities have access to an open forum in which to exchange ideas and provide assistance in a discussion of best practices. The Montana Main Street Program publishes a quarterly online newsletter with content designed to assist communities and broaden the context of community efforts and funding opportunities.

Planning Bureau Resource Library:
Essential books, articles, and digital resources available for loan.

Montana Main Street Program Grant Funding:
The Montana Main Street Program awards grant funding on a competitive basis and as funding allows. Certified Main Street, Designated, and Affiliate Communities are invited to apply for funding on an annual basis. Communities may not apply for funding while maintaining an active Montana Main Street grant-funded project unless the active grant is in the close out process. Applications must be submitted by the local contacts established in the community and must be certified by the Chief Executive, Mayor, or City Manager of the applicant community. Funding can be used to address long range community planning and revitalization needs as well as more specific prioritized projects. Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate the implementation of larger community vision and goals or as they relate to previous or concurrent larger planning efforts (such as a downtown revitalization plan, growth policy, historic preservation plan, etc.). The Montana Main Street Program Coordinator is available to help throughout the application process and can provide professional insight and guidance on community projects.

Award Criteria:
1. Need for project and an overall emphasis on downtown revitalization and historic preservation;

2. Proposed project adopts and incorporates the Main Street Center Four Point Approach;

3. Availability of matching funds and larger project effort to identify/secure additional funding;

4. Degree of unified local effort and support and an overall ability to fulfill project plan/goals;

5. Extent to which the proposed project implements an existing long-range plan, or supports ongoing planning efforts;

6. Applicant community has submitted required Montana Main Street reinvestment statistics.

Funding Information:
Affiliate Communities are required to commit matching funds at a ratio of $1 for every $5 requested of the Montana Main Street Program. Certified Main Street and Designated Communities are not required to commit matching funds when submitting an application for grant funding. In-kind services will not be considered as part of the match requirement. Funds must be firmly committed at the time the grant is awarded; communities awarded grant funds will receive an award letter following the decision, and the Main Street organization and/or local government will enter into contract with the Montana Department of Commerce for the administration of the grant award. MMS staff will assist communities throughout the grant administration process; however, communities awarded grant funding will be responsible for the administration of grant funds received.

Funding cycles will be opened on a revolving basis and will continue as funding allows. Applications for funding will be considered in the order received and priority may be given to applicant communities that do not have active grants awarded by the Montana Main Street Program. Grant applications are reviewed and assessed on the strength and merit of the project. Award amounts are generally capped at $10,000; applications requesting larger amounts may be awarded if funds are available and if applicant clearly demonstrates and justifies the need for such funds. Applicants may apply for project grant funds in successive years, but may not have two active Main Street grants at any one time, unless one is in a close out process.

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