Housing Trust Fund


Please use this Toolkit page to find information regarding common topics and assistance discussed with grantees. If you have questions regarding the HTF Program that are not addressed here, please contact the Community Development Division Staff.

HUD Exchange - Housing Trust Fund (Link)

Housing Trust Fund Public Hearing Presentation (PDF) (PowerPoint)
Housing Trust Fund Rent Limits (Link)
Implementation Schedule (Word)

Application Toolkit Items:

  • Capital Needs Assessment Requirements (PDF)
  • Management Plan Template for City/County (Word)
  • Management Plan Template for Non-Profit (Word)
  • Market Analysis Requirements (PDF)
  • Preliminary Architectural Report Requirements (PDF)
  • Recapture Provisions (PDF)
  • CDD Minimum Housing Rehabilitation and Property Standards (PDF)
  • Residentail Anti-displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan (Word
  • Rental Housing Operation Plan (Word) (PDF)

Environmental Toolkit

  • Environmental Provisions New Construction (Word)
  • Environmental Provisions Rehabilitation (Word)
  • Environmental Review (Word)
  • Environmental Review for Activity/Project that is Categorically Excluded Subject to Section 58.5 (Word)
  • Environmental Review for Activity/Project that is Exempt or Categorically Excluded Not Subject to Section 58.5 (Word)

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