HOME Program

Eligible Applicants

A local government may apply for HOME funds directly or sponsor an application on behalf of a nonprofit or a for-profit organization. If awarded funds, the Applicant (local government) remains responsible for meeting all HOME requirements, including those related to long-term affordability.

Counties may apply to use HOME grant funds for activities proposed to resolve housing problems in the unincorporated jurisdiction of the county. A county may apply for a housing project that will include activities within the jurisdiction of an incorporated city or town if the proposed project is intended to benefit all county residents. A county may apply for a grant to fund a project that would assist two or more separate, unincorporated communities.

Municipalities may apply to use HOME grant funds for projects proposed within the jurisdiction of the incorporated city or town. A municipality may apply for a project located outside the city's jurisdiction if it can provide assurances the project area will be annexed within the HOME contract period.

Consolidated city-county governments will be considered as two separate jurisdictions: one, the city jurisdiction; and two, the unincorporated jurisdiction of the county. Each may apply separately for HOME funds. The city and county boundaries, as delineated on the date of consolidation, will define the jurisdiction of each.

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