HOME Program

Applying for Grants


The Community Development Division (CDD) is pleased to announce that we have awarded all available HOME Program funds to excellent affordable housing projects throughout Montana.

The Department of Commerce receives applications for review on a rolling basis, in accordance with its current Annual Action Plan.  However, because all funds have been awarded, any HOME applications received by Commerce will be denied at this time and encouraged to reapply when additional HOME funds become available.  HOME funding is dependent upon Congressional budget approval and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s award of funding to the State, which may occur as late as fall 2019. 

CDD will complete the Annual Action Plan in the coming months and anticipates updating the HOME Application Guidelines as part of that process.  Housing partners, such as yourself, are critical as we look to improve HOME Program processes and we look forward to hearing from you during the Annual Action Plan discussions.


Please feel free to contact CDD staff at DOCCDD@mt.gov or 406-841-2770 with any questions regarding HOME Program regulations or future applications.  

Development Projects

HOME grants are awarded to construct, acquire, and/or rehabilitate rental housing, or develop new housing for homeownership. The maximum amount of grant award is $750,000 as long as the per-unit investment does not exceed HUD's maximum subsidy limit, and at least 5% of the total HOME investment must be matched. More information is available in the Application Guidelines.
Homebuyer Assistance

The HOME Program allocates a portion of each year's allocation funds to homebuyer assistance (HBA). Cities, towns, and counties, may apply to access these funds by completing an application that will qualify them to pursue homebuyer assistance activities within their jurisdiction for a two year period before reapplication is necessary.

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