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How To's: Model Planning Documents, Educational Materials, Publications and Presentations

Annexation: An Introduction to the Basics

Annexation:  An Introduction to the Basics - Webinar Presentation for Download (Annexation Webinar)

Annexation Service Plan Resolution (PDF)

Annexation Flow Chart (PDF)

Resolution to Annex (PDF)

Resolution Adopting Regulations for the Application & Review of Buildings for Lease or Rent (PDF)

Buildings for Lease or Rent, Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Application for Buildings for Lease or Rent (PDF)

Declaration - No Lease or Rent Intended (PDF)

Certificate of Compliance (PDF)

Findings of Fact (PDF)

Senate Bill 324 (PDF)

Building it Right: A Public Facilities Construction Administration Manual (PDF)

Capital Improvements Planning Manual (PDF)


This short introductory video provides an brief overview of what a Growth Policy is and how it can help your community.

This short video briefly explains the legal requirements for communities to consider when creating a Growth Policy.



Growth Policy Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Montana's Growth Policy Resource Book, 2020 (PDF)

Montana’s Growth Policy Resource Book CONDENSED VERSION (PDF)

Planning Boards: An Introduction to the Basics

Planning Boards:  An Introduction to the Basics - Webinar Presentation for Download (Planning Board Webinar)

The Montana Planning Board Member's Handbook, 2020 (PDF) 


Navigating the Public Process (PDF)



Multimedia Educational Materials

The Community Development Division (CDD) Planning Bureau has a print and digital library that contains training CD's and publications from the American Planning Association (APA) and other relevant authors in the planning field. The CD's include PowerPoint presentations with audio, transcripts of the presentations, and lists of resource materials. Organizations and individuals wishing to borrow training materials must register with the CDD Planning Bureau by providing their name, organization, mailing address, phone number, and email.

These materials are intended to serve as a training resource for any interested individual or organization in the State of Montana. Please contact Planning Bureau staff at 406-841-2770 or for questions regarding the library.

CDD Planning Bureau Library (PDF)

Tash Wisemiller, Program Manager for Montana Main Street (MMS) – along with Micky Zurcher, Executive Director of the Helena Business Improvement District, and Huston Gibson, a professor at Kansas State University – recently published “Beyond the Façade: Layering Downtown Spillover Investment” in Community Development. To read about how façade improvement grant programs spur spillover of both direct and indirect investment in downtown districts by leveraging built capital and harnessing a sense of place, click here.

Preliminary Plat Extension Guidance (PDF)

Resolution for Changes to Model Regulations from 2007, 2009, & 2011 Legislative Sessions (PDF)

DRAFT Montana Model Subdivision Regulations, 2020

The most recent draft of the Montana Model Subdivision Regulations are available for review and will be finalized soon. This draft has not yet undergone legal review and DOES NOT REFLECT CHANGES MADE BY THE 2021 LEGISLATURE. If you have any comments, please send them to

View and download the DRAFT 2020 Montana Model Subdivision Regulations, 2020 by Chapter:

2006 Model Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Preliminary Engineering Reports, Bridges (PDF)

Preliminary Engineering Reports (PDF)

Preliminary Architectural Reports (PDF)

Tax Increment Finance Manual (PDF)

Community Needs Assessment (PDF)

Form-based Codes: An Introduction to the Basics

Form-based Codes:  An Introduction to the Basics (Webinar Presentation for Download)

Zoning Ordinance for Municipalities for Workforce Housing (PDF)

Zoning Ordinance for Counties for Workforce Housing (PDF)

Memorandum of Guidance for Municipal Workforce Housing Zoning (PDF)

Memorandum of Guidance for County Workforce Housing Zoning (PDF)

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