Community Technical Assistance Program

Presentations, Publications & Model Documents

Annexation Service Plan Resolution (PDF)

Annexation Flow Chart (PDF)

Resolution to Annex (PDF)

Resolution Adopting Regulations for the Application & Review of Buildings for Lease or Rent (PDF)

Buildings for Lease or Rent, Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Application for Buildings for Lease or Rent (PDF)

Declaration - No Lease or Rent Intended (PDF)

Certificate of Compliance (PDF)

Findings of Fact (PDF)

Senate Bill 324 (PDF)

Building it Right: A Public Facilities Construction Administration Manual (PDF)

Capital Improvements Planning Manual (PDF)

The Montana Planning Board Member's Handbook, 2009 (PDF)

Montana's Growth Policy Resource Book, 2009 (PDF)

Form Based Code (PDF)

After Koontz: Meeting the Requirements of Nollan/Dolan, MAP Conference Presentation September 2013 (PDF)

Planning Board Coordination & Annexation (PDF)

Regulation in Support of Revitalization (PDF)

Planning Tools for Managing Growth (PDF)

Zoning & The Public Process (PDF)

Downtown Master Plans (PDF)

Annexation Workshop (PDF)

Planning for Success (PDF)

Growth Policies 101 (PDF)

Subdivisions 101 (PDF)

Open Meetings (PDF)

Preliminary Plat Extension Guidance (PDF)

Resolution for Changes to Model Regulations from 2007, 2009, & 2011 Legislative Sessions (PDF)

Model Subdivision Regulations Update - Coming Soon

2006 Model Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Preliminary Engineering Reports, Bridges (PDF)

Preliminary Engineering Reports (PDF)

Preliminary Architectural Reports (PDF)

Tax Increment Finance Manual (PDF)

Community Needs Assessment (PDF)

Zoning Ordinance for Municipalities for Workforce Housing (PDF)

Zoning Ordinance for Counties for Workforce Housing (PDF)

Memorandum of Guidance for Municipal Workforce Housing Zoning (PDF)

Memorandum of Guidance for County Workforce Housing Zoning (PDF)

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