Community Technical Assistance Program

Program Overview

The Community Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) provides professional planning assistance to communities across Montana in support of sound land use and development decisions, economic revitalization, and overall community resilience. Technical assistance is provided through workshops and trainings, direct assistance by phone or email, collaboration with local, state, and federal partners, the creation of model documents, and guidance on planning best practices.

CTAP staff include a land use attorney, professional planners, planning and outreach specialists, and licensed engineers who assist communities in everything from the development of long range plans to interpretation of statute to guidance on grant applications and review of technical documents. This assistance is provided at no cost to communities statewide.

Planning is at the foundation of building vibrant, healthy and prosperous communities and helps to more effectively take local efforts to the next level. CTAP assists Montana communities proactively prepare for critical development needs and promote economic vitality through grants, direct assistance, workshops and more. We can help connect you to resources that will enhance local innovative approaches to plan for and create better places, strong economic opportunities and best practices for your community.

We are now providing new features to connect with CTAP. Please use the CTAP Assistance Request  to submit a request for community needs, projects or planning assistance. For more information, please contact CTAP Staff at (406) 841-2770 or use our Contact Form.

301 S PARK AVENUE | PO BOX 200523 | HELENA, MT 59620-0523 | P: (406) 841-2770 | F: (406) 841-2771 | TDD: (406) 841-2702

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