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Administering a Grant

Local governments are responsible for carryout project activities commensurate with the project application and complying with all applicable state, federal, and local requirements. Montana Department of Commerce (MDOC) is committed to working closely with grantees and their partners to complete CDBG-assisted projects that successfully meet local needs and complies with program requirements.  

Certain federal regulations and policies govern the use of CDBG funds, and CDBG-assisted project must also comply with state law and local ordinances and policies. No two CDBG-assisted projects are exactly alike and CDBG staff will provide technical assistance throughout the course of a project to help grantees identify, understand, and fulfill CDBG requirements applicable to your project. CDBG staff are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and experience to effectively navigate CDBG grant administration requirements and help you successfully complete your project. 

In addition to CDBG staff, MDOC publications such as the Grant Administration Manual and Toolkit are available to help grant administrators document every step of the project. The Grant Administration Manual helps grant administrators understand the various state and federal requirements with which CDBG-assisted projects must comply. The Manual is designed to walk grant administrators through each step in the life of a CDBG project, from notice of grant award to final closeout, and its organization mirrors the lifecycle of most projects. The Toolkit is a compilation of required forms and processes, suggestions, and best practices we have developed since the State CDBG Program began in 1982.  

CDBG Large-Scale Multi-Family Housing Development and Rehabilitation Project Lifespan and Deadlines

Funded Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization projects must be completed within two (2) years of the formal notice of award. For example, a community facility project awarded July 1, 2016 must be completed by July 1, 2018. The Department, in its sole discretion, may grant an extension if the project is near completion but will not be fully completed by the completion date and the grant recipient can demonstrate a good faith effort to complete the project on time and within the original budget. Additionally, each project is expected to produce the documentation necessary to execute a contract with the Department within three (3) months of the formal notice of award. Once the contract is executed, each project is expected to submit a Request for Reimbursement once every six (6) months and provide accomplishment data within two and one half years of contract execution. 

CDBG Small-Scale Single-Family Housing Rehabilitation Project Lifespan and Deadlines

Successful applicants will be eligible to access the available pool of funds for a period of five (5) years commencing with the formal notice of award. Each activity undertaken during that five period is expected to take no more than nine (9) months to complete. This nine month time period starts when funds for the specific activity are committed by the Department. 

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