Montana Community

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are limited to counties, incorporated cities and towns, and consolidated city-county governments except Billings, Great Falls, and Missoula. A local government may apply for a CDBG grant on behalf of an organization that is ineligible to apply, such as a water or sewer district or nonprofit organizations. In this case, the local government must be the applicant and the official grantee that is ultimately responsible for fulfilling contractual obligations, such as receipting and expending funds and other similar tasks. 

However, applicants may elect to partner with another local government or other entity to prepare an application, complete the project, and document compliance with CDBG requirements. Depending on the applicant’s capacity, staff experience, and available resources, applicants may choose to actively complete every task or limit its involvement to tasks such as approving expenditures and signing certain documents. In any case, applicants should work closely with partner organizations and ensure work done on its behalf is accurate and complete.

Examples of partner organizations include entities such as water and sewer districts, non-profit organizations, certified regional development corporations, architectural or engineering firms, private consultants, or other qualified, capable entities. 

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