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Application Process

The application guidelines are formally adopted through the State of Montana Administrative Rulemaking process during which the public has an opportunity to comment on draft guidelines. Public comments will be considered before the final version is adopted.

The final CDBG-ED Application Guidelines consist of ranking criteria with specific questions requiring narrative responses and identify supporting documents that will improve the strength of the application. In order to avoid unnecessary duplication, the applicant can reference other pertinent portions of the application or appendices in the narrative responses to the criteria. However, the applicant should not reference another portion of the application, such as a Preliminary Engineering Report, without including a narrative statement that provides at least a summary of what is being referenced.

Each application will be evaluated according to each CDBG-ED ranking criteria and will receive points depending upon its overall response to each criterion, relative to local capacity and resources and in comparison with other applications submitted. Failure to respond to a criterion or to comply with a pertinent and important application requirement may result in no points being awarded for that criterion. For ease of reference, any documentation or exhibits related to the applicant’s response to a CDBG-ED ranking criterion should be placed in the application immediately following the applicant’s narrative response to that criterion.

One hard copy and one electronic copy (either on compact disc or submitted through the State of Montana File Transfer Service) of the CDBG-ED application and one copy of the Preliminary Engineering Report or Preliminary Architectural Report (as applicable) must be postmarked or delivered to the Department of Commerce, 301 S Park, Helena MT 59620 on or before the quarterly application due date. Electronic copies of CDBG-ED applications on portable USB drives will not be accepted.

Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified once the final funding decisions are made. All applicants will have the opportunity to meet with CDBG staff and discuss their application’s success and opportunities for improvement. These meetings are intended to help unsuccessful applicants identify areas of improvement for future CDBG-ED applications.

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