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Application Forms

The Economic Development Grant Application Guidelines are available below. Please contact the program if you have any questions or need additional information.

NOTE:  One hard copy and one electronic copy (either on compact disc or submitted through the State of Montana File Transfer Service) of the application must be postmarked (or delivered to the Department of Commerce, 301 South Park Ave, Helena MT) by the application due date. Electronic copies submitted on portable USB drives are discouraged.

Clarification on CDBG Application Eligibility (January 2019): Each eligible local government jurisdiction may apply once per application cycle for each of the categories of CDBG grants as long as the applicant does not have an open CDBG project that was awarded more than four (4) years ago. Community Facilities and Public Facilities are considered one grant funding category. The categories of CDBG grant are 1. Community and Public Facilities, 2. Affordable Housing Development, 3. Economic Development, and 4. Planning. If an applicant has an open CDBG project category, that has been awarded in the past four (4) years, that is not substantially complete, a new project application is ineligible. If an applicant has an open CDBG project in a CDBG project category, that has been awarded in the past four (4) years, that is substantially complete, a new project application is eligible. 

2014 CDBG-ED Application Guidelines:

Application Guidelines (PDF)

Appendix A: Application Form (Excel)

Appendix B: Local Development Organization and Business Application Certification (Word)

Appendix C: Certifications for Application - Acceptance of CDBG-ED requirements (PDF)

Appendix D: State Objectives (PDF)

Appendix E: Full Environmental Checklist ( Word)

Appendix E-A: Environmental Review Site Specific Checklist (Word)

Appendix F: LMI for Montana Counties (PDF)

Appendix H: Resolution to Authorize Application (Word)

Appendix I: Sample Formats for Public Hearings (Word)

Appendix J: Revolving Loan Fund Plan (Word)

Appendix K: Procurement Policy (PDF)

Appendix L1: Subrecipient Agreement for an RLF Project ( Word)

Appendix L2: Subrecipient Agreement for a non-RLF Project ( Word)

Appendix M1: Sample Management Plan for Local Government Management (Word)

Appendix M2: Sample Management Plan for local management by third party non-profit (Word)

Appendix M3: Sample Management Plan for grant management by third party non-profit (Word)

Appendix N1: Sources and Uses Form (PDF)

Appendix N2: Balance Sheet (Excel)

Appendix O1: Hiring and Training Plan (Word)

Appendix O2: Customized Training Plan (Word)

Appendix P: Project Implementation Schedule (Word)

Appendix Q: Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF)

Appendix R: Sample Interlocal Agreement (Word)

Appendix S: Calculation of Benefit (LMI) (Word)

Appendix T: Sample Business Plan (PDF)

Appendix U1: Customized Training Assistance Agreement (Word)

Appendix U2: Infrastructure of Non-Profit Grant Assistance Agreement (Word)

Appendix V: Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) outline (PDF)

Appendix W: Preliminary Architectural Report (PAR) outline (PDF)

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