Downtown Butte

Eligible Applicants

  • Person
    • Individuals applying through a fiscal agent
    • Individuals applying in coordination with a local government
  • Association
    • For-profit or not for profit organizations and businesses
  • Governing Unit
    • Incorporated city or town
    • County
    • Consolidated government
    • Tribal government

Eligible Projects

Eligible applicants can apply to complete projects or activities for the preservation of historic sites, historical societies, or history museums. Preservation activities include:

A. Internal or external “brick-and-mortar” improvements that will address infrastructure, building renovation, maintenance, or building code issues

B. Improvements that will enhance security, climate control, or fire protection; and

C. Projects with a total cost over $50,000 may use up to 10% of grant funding for planning and/or grant administration costs that are directly related to the preservation activities A. and B.

Historic sites will be considered eligible if one of the below criteria is met:

  • Structure or site is listed on National, State, or Local Historic Registry
  • Structure or site contributes to a historic district
  • A structure more than 50 years old and has documented significance to the history of a Montana community or region

Eligible Funding

Eligible applicants may apply for funding up to $500,000 per eligible project. Match is encouraged and may increase the competitiveness of an application, but is not required unless the applicant is a for-profit entity.   The amount of eligible funding is derived from the tax collections allocated in 15-68-820(3)(b) and (4)(c) and deposited into the Historic Preservation Grant Account and further carried out according to the guidance established in SB 338. The legislature must approve and award all projects.

Project Activities  

Projects may include multiple activities within the scope of work, but applicants must demonstrate that each activity within the scope of work is necessary for a complete stand-alone project.  Applicants are to include a prioritization of project activities or components with funding amounts requested for each activity.  Commerce may determine to recommend awarding all or part of the requested activities. 

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