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MHPG Award Process

Commerce staff has no decision-making authority over any application. Commerce only provides recommendations to the legislature that are advisory. Commerce staff will review applications based on the extent to which the proposed project relates to each of the six (6) statutory criteria found in SB 338 and listed below. To facilitate Commerce’s review, applications should be organized according to the appendix format outlined in the Application Submission section of these guidelines. The applicant may not submit any additional information after the application deadline, unless requested by Commerce staff or is part of the Environmental Review process, in order to clarify information already presented in the application.

SB 338 Statutory Criteria:

a) The degree to which the project supports economic stimulus or economic activity, including job creation and work creation for Montana contractors and service workers;

b) The degree to which the project activity can demonstrate the purpose and need of the project. This includes whether it provides features that establish or enhance security, climate control, or fire protection for museums or address infrastructure, maintenance, or building code issues for museums, historical societies, or historic sites;

c) The degree to which timing of the project can be completed without delay, including access to matching funds and approval of permits, if needed;

d) The degree to which the project activity contributes historic or heritage value related to the State of Montana;

e) The degree to which the applicant demonstrates a successful track record or experience of the organization directing the project; and,

f) The degree to which the project’s expected ongoing economic benefit to the state as a result of the project completion.

To prepare the recommendations, Commerce will review all applications in consultation with the Tourism Advisory Council (TAC) and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), before they are submitted to the legislature, as indicated below. Commerce may allow outside technical review of applications by other public or private agencies or professionals when deemed necessary to assure adequate review. Commerce may take additional information into account based upon Commerce’s or other agency’s knowledge about a proposed project or community in the scoring of an application.

Commerce will prepare its recommendations, present them to the legislature by the 15th day of the regular legislative session. The legislature will make the funding decisions.

MHPG Grant Administration

The Montana Department of Commerce administers the MHPG program through the Community Development Division. All awarded projects must follow the requirements in the most current version of the MHPG Grant Administration Manual, and; as outlined in the contract with Commerce. The MHPG Grant Administration Manual provides detailed guidance on how to administer a project in compliance with program regulations and state law.  Community and Economic Vitality staff are available to help grantees navigate the project activities through direct technical assistance.

MHPG Administration Manual (PDF)

MHPG Exhibit 2E Uniform Status of Funds (.XLS)

MHPG Exhibit 2F Invoice Tracking (.XLS)

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