Administering a Grant

The Montana Department of Commerce administers the DLA program through the Community Development Division. Division staff will receive and review applications to establish a prioritized list. Awards will be ranked based on a prioritized list using criteria established in HB 652 and developed by Division staff. Awards will be approved by the Department of Commerce Director.

As applicable, all projects must follow the requirements in the most current version of the Treasure State Endowment Program Manual, as applicable; as outlined in the contract with Commerce. The TSEP Manual provides detailed guidance on how to administer a project in compliance with program regulations and state law.  Infrastructure staff are available to help grantees navigate the project activities through direct technical assistance.

2021 Biennium TSEP Project Administration Manual (PDF)

DLA Project Application and Guidelines (PDF)


All grant recipients must meet start-up conditions no later than September 30, 2020, or the grant obligation is terminated.

Start-Up Conditions

Each grantee can incur reimbursable project costs as of the authorized date in its Notice of Award letter. Those costs will be eligible for reimbursement once the grantee meets all start-up conditions and executes a contract with the Department. Start-up conditions include:

  1. Finalizing the Project Budget
  2. Finalizing the Project Implementation Schedule
  3. Obtaining Firm Commitment of Other Funding Sources
  4. Completing a Management Plan
  5. Demonstrating compliance with financial reporting and audit completions with the Department of Administration
  6. Completion of the Environmental Review process
  7. Finalize the DLA Contract 

Project expenses eligible to be reimbursed by DLA funds include any reasonable and authorized expenses directly related to the eligible infrastructure project and incurred after the project has been awarded.

Grant Contract

The process of finalizing the contract will include finalizing the project budget and implementation schedule and incorporating the scope of work to be completed by the grantee. The grantee’s application for DLA grant funds, as approved by the Department, is incorporated by reference into the contract and the representations made therein are binding upon the Grantee.

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