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Conference Call User Tools

Community Development Division (CDD) has invited you to a conference call.

Conference Call Access:

Dial Toll-Free: 1-877-273-4202

Conference Room ID is provided to you by the specific program. Please contact the program for more details.

The following commands may be used by participants during the conference:

*1 Play menu of features so you know what is available.

*2 Mute/Unmute your own line so other people can't hear you talk. Pressing this button once will unmute your phone, pressing a second time will mute your phone.

*5 Hear the number of callers who are on the conference.

*9 Raise Your Hand (when the Moderator has the conference in Lecture Mode).

If you need assistance, please contact CDD staff @ 406-841-2770 or by email.

301 S PARK AVENUE | PO BOX 200523 | HELENA, MT 59620-0523 | P: (406) 841-2770 | F: (406) 841-2771 | TDD: (406) 841-2702

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