The Montana Coal Board

Applying for Grants

Applications to be considered at the June 11, 2020 meeting are due April 27, 2020.  Please see the application pdf below for specifics. Applications can be submitted electronically via file transfer to via or via email to

2017 Coal Impact Grant Application (PDF) (Word)

All Coal Board applicants must submit grant requests using the Coal Board application template. As a reminder the application must include:

  • complete description of the proposed project,
  • project budget including a breakdown of all major project costs, and a description of the proposed source and use of all funds,
  • implementation schedule,
  • documentation of the need for the project relative to the severity of the impact of coal development or decline,
  • documentation of the local effort including millage rates, local financial contribution to the extent possible, or fund-raising efforts,
  • documentation of the applicant's legal and financial ability to undertake and manage the proposed service or facility,
  • documentation of how the request reasonably fits into an overall plan for the orderly management of the existing or contemplated growth or decline problems (90-6-207, MCA); and
  • preliminary engineering report (if applicable)

The Coal Board members are supplied each application, along with a summary prepared by MDOC staff, prior to the Quarterly Meeting. The applicant makes a formal presentation to the board at the Quarterly Meeting. Additionally, with each presentation, there will be an opportunity for public comment.

The Board takes official action on each proposal, either approving, denying, or tabling the project at the meeting. The Board may table an application requiring additional information to be submitted.

Note: Significant changes between the written application and the application as presented at the meeting may result in the application being tabled with the request for an amended application for the next meeting.

Technical and procedural assistance regarding application requirements is available from Coal Board administrative staff and Department of Commerce personnel.

The current Coal Impact Area Report can be found here, along with a list and map.

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