The Montana Coal Board

Application Process

  1. APPLICATION SUBMISSION: The application process begins with the submittal of an application by the deadline specified for a given Coal Board meeting (45 days prior to the meeting date).

The application includes:

  • Project Description/Summary
  • Preliminary Engineering Report (if applicable)
  • Project Budget
  • Implementation Schedule
  • Legal/Financial Ability to Undertake the Proposal
  • Discussion of Statutory Criteria:
    • Need as a result of coal impacts.
    • Degree of severity of impact from an increase or decrease in coal development or in the Consumption of Coal by a Coal Using Energy Complex
    • Availability of Funds
    • Degree of Local Effort in Meeting Needs
    • Planning and Management
  1. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER: Compiles Comments & Materials Submitted by the Applicant for Distribution to Board members
  2. FORMAL PRESENTATION: Applicant makes presentation to the Coal Board at Board Meeting
  3. BOARD ACTION: Official Action by Coal Board may include:
  • Approved. If approved for funding, the Coal Board sets the Grant Amount and the Contract is prepared and executed by Department of Commerce staff.
  • Tabled. If an application is tabled, the applicant may submit additional information for the Board's consideration at a subsequent meeting.
  • Denied

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