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The Community Development Division provides weekly updates on Davis Bacon Wage Rate (DBWR) Determination modifications for Montana.  Following are the links to the Current, Advance Notice, and Archived DBWR determinations:

Advance notice of upcoming wage rate changes:

Archive of older DBWR:

Summary of basic Montana Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) policy concerning which DBWR are applicable to a CDBG/HOME project: 

  • Modifications to wage rate determinations that are posted by the Department of Labor at the Davis-Bacon website ten days before bid opening are the wages that need to be used by Montana CDBG/HOME grant recipients. 
  • CDBG/HOME grant recipients need to verify (via contact with CDBG/HOME) that the wage rate determination is the most current available.   
  • Not less than fifteen work days prior to the bid opening your project’s CDBG/HOME Program Specialist must be contacted by telephone or in writing to find out if the wage rate decisions included in the bid solicitation are still current.  
  • For grantees concerning time limitations, on which DBWR are applicable to a CDBG/HOME project, please see the current CDBG/HOME Manual: or
To receive updates please contact Community Development Division at 841-2770, or


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The former Davis-Bacon “GPO Access Advance Notice” page,, is no longer being used.  (1/14/11)

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