Montana Quality Schools Program

Application Process

Quality Schools Project grant applications are accepted in the spring of every even-numbered year. Prospective applicants should contact the Quality Schools staff as early as possible to discuss their proposed project and the program requirements.

Application Review and Award

Department staff review Quality Schools project grant applications for both technical and financial feasibility, and the extent to which the proposed project relates to each of the six statutory priorities and five statutory attributes set forth in Section 90-6-811, MCA. The Department will rank the applications received according to the Statutory Priorities for school facility projects in the listed order of priority, giving preference to school facility projects involving repairs to existing facilities over projects involving construction of new facilities. The Department may also adjust its rankings based on the educationally relevant factors established in 20-9-309, MCA

In consideration of the Department's recommendations, the Governor makes a funding request to the Legislature as part of the Governor's budget for the upcoming Biennium. The Legislature makes the final decision about which applications are funded and makes the necessary funding appropriations.

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