Montana Quality Schools Program

Applying for Grants

The Department will review all complete planning grant applications and evaluate the extent to which each proposed planning project relates to the following criteria set forth in the Quality Schools Facility Grant Program statute (§90-6-811, MCA, as modified by HB 15), giving preference to planning for projects involving repairs to existing facilities over projects involving construction of new facilities, and planning for projects that:

  • Solve urgent and serious public health or safety problems or that enable public school districts to meet state or federal health or safety standards.
  • Address deferred maintenance by repairing or replacing existing building components that are inoperable or difficult to service or that lack minimum integrity.
  • Enhance a public school district's ability to offer specific services related to the requirements of the accreditation standards provided for in 20-7-111.
  • Provide long-term, cost-effective benefits through energy-efficient design.
  • Incorporate long-term, cost-effective benefits to school facilities, including the technology needs of school facilities.
  • Enhance educational opportunities for students.

For each of the above types of planning projects, staff will consider the following attributes:

  • The applicant’s need for financial assistance with the planning project;
  • The applicant’s ability to obtain the required matching funds for the planning project;
  • The applicant’s past efforts to ensure sound, effective, long-term planning and management of its facilities, and attempts to address its facility planning needs with local resources;
  • The fiscal capacity of the applicant to meet the grant conditions required by the Department, including but not limited to its ability to manage the planning project, documented use of generally accepted accounting principles, adherence to design standards required by regulatory agencies, and an applicant’s ability to obtain the long-term funding necessary to complete the planned facility project;
  • The importance of the project and the support for both the planning project and the planned facility project in the community.

Eligible Applicants

Quality Schools planning grants are available for any public school district located in the state of Montana that serves Montana K-12 students, including elementary school districts, high school districts, and K-12 school districts, as those entities are defined in Title 20, Chapter 6, MCA.

Quality Schools Planning Grant Application - 2015 Biennium, Amended February 2014 (Word) (PDF)


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