Montana Quality Schools Program

Administering a Grant

Quality Schools planning fund grantees must execute a contract with the Montana Department of Commerce before any funds can be reimbursed. Payment for approved expenses under the grant contract will be on a reimbursement basis only. Commerce will typically disburse 50% of the planning grant award upon submittal of a drawdown request with proper documentation and 50% or more completed draft project deliverables, when applicable.

The remaining funds are disbursed after the completed report or other final deliverables have been submitted and approved by Commerce. To request payment from the Department, grantees must submit a Drawdown Request Form with supporting documentation, including a Signature Certification Form and all applicable invoices detailing the project expenditures by activity, employee and showing hourly rate breakdowns, along with a project progress report.

To receive final payment, the grantee must also show proof of expenditure of all matching funds and include one hard copy and one electronic copy of the planning deliverables (PAR, PER, etc.). Commerce will determine, in its sole discretion, whether supporting documents accompanying a drawdown request are sufficient and adequate to approve reimbursement.

If the grantee fails to incur expenses on or before the termination date of the grant contract, Commerce cannot reimburse the grantee planning grant award funds, unless the grantee can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of Commerce, a reasonable basis for the delay in requesting reimbursement. All documentation and requests for reimbursement must be received by the department within 90 days of termination of the grant contract.

For guidance on Preliminary Architectural Reports and Preliminary Engineering Reports, please visit the Resources page.




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