Montana Community

Chapter 4:  Financial Management (PDF)

Exhibit 4-A:  Budgetary Authority Resolution (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-B:  Allowable and Unallowable CDBG Administration Costs (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-C:  Instructions for Request for Funds Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-C.3:  Request for Funds Form (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 4-D.1:  Directions for Using the Uniform Status of Funds Spreadsheet (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-D.2:  Sample 1 of Uniform Status of Funds Spreadsheet (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 4-D.3:  Sample 2 of Uniform Status of Funds Spreadsheet (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 4-E.1-2:  Directions for Using the Uniform Invoice Tracking Spreadsheet (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-E.3:  Sample 1 of Uniform Invoice Tracking Spreadsheet (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 4-E.4:  Sample 2 of Uniform Invoice Tracking Spreadsheet (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 4-F:  Project Progress Reports (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-G:  Federal Regulations for Real Property (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-H:  Program Income (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-I:  Expenditure Review (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-J:  Program Income - Title I Certification (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 4-K:  Quarterly Update Report (PDF) (Word)

Grant Administration Manual

The CDBG/NSP Grant Administration Manual provides guidance for both the CDBG and the NSP Program. NSP grantees are encouraged to use the NSP website to access the specific NSP guidance in Chapter 15 which provides NSP specific forms and exhibits. If you need assistance accessing the manual or need further assistance, please contact any CDBG staff at

These documents are only available to be viewed and printed from the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this reader, click here to download a free version. If you receive errors when opening pdf files make sure you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader or contact CDBG. To download all the files you must have  WinZip or similar file compression software. Download a free WinZip evaluation version  here.

*NEW* Draft 2018-2019 Application and Administrative Guidelines for Public Facilities Project Grants (PDF)

Summary of 18-19 Changes

CDBG/NSP Grant Administration Manual:

Introduction (PDF)

Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 11:  Involving the Public (PDF)

Exhibit 11-A:  Summary of the Community Development Block Grant Program (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 11-B:  Sample Newspaper Coverage of a Local CDBG Project (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 11-C:  Sample Format for a News Release (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 11-D:  Example of a Project Sign for a CDBG Public Facility Project (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 11-E:  Sample Project Sign Formats (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 11-F:  Example of Coverage of a CDBG Special Event (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 15: Neighborhood Stabilization Program (PDF)

Exhibit 15-1-A.NSP: Sample NSP Contract (PDF)

Exhibit 15-1-B.NSP: Sample NSP Contract Amendment (PDF)

Exhibit 15-1-C.NSP: Sample Project Request Form (PDF)

Exhibit 15-1-D.NSP: Sample Pre-Acquisition Property Specific Checklist (PDF)

Exhibit 15-1-E.NSP: Recommended Sequence for Acquisition and Rehabilitation for NSP Projects (PDF

Exhibit 15-2-A.NSP: NSP Environmental Site Specific Checklist (PDF)

Exhibit 15-4-A.NSP: Sample Update Report (PDF)

Exhibit 15-4-B.NSP: NSP Program Income Guidance (PDF)

Exhibit 15-4-C.NSP: Program Income Reporting Form After Project Closeout (PDF)

Exhibit 15-4-D.NSP: Program Income Reporting Form Before Project Closeout (PDF)

Exhibit 15-7-A.NSP: Guideform Voluntary Acquisition of Foreclosed Property w/o Eminent Domain (PDF)

Exhibit 15-7-B.NSP: Guideform Voluntary Acquisition of Foreclosed Property w/ Eminent Domain (PDF)

Exhibit 15-7-C.NSP: Guideform General Information Notice to Residential Tenant (PDF)

Exhibit 15-7-D.NSP: Qualified Homebuyer Closing Checklist for NSP Projects (PDF)

Exhibit 15-9-A.NSP: Sample Sub-Recipient Agreement (interlocal agreement) (PDF)

Exhibit 15-9-B.NSP: Sample Developer Agreement (PDF)

Exhibit 15-15-A.NSP: Sample NSP PAR Guidelines (PDF)

Chapter 14:  Project Audits (PDF)

Exhibit 14-A:  Schedule of Federal Financial Assistance (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 14-B:  Audit Tracking System (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 13:  Project Closeout (PDF)

Exhibit 13-A:  Project Completion Report Instructions (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-B:  Final Performance Report (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-C.1-2:  Certification of Completion and Final Status of Funds Report (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-C.3:  Conditional Closeout Certification (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-C.4:  Final Closeout Certification (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-D:  Direct Benefit Summary Data (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-E:  Contract Reporting Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-F:  Indirect Benefits Reporting Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-G:  Calculation of CDBG Funds Used to Benefit Low and Moderate Income (LMI) Households and Citation of National Objectives (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 13-H:  Section 3 Summary Report (identical form is Exhibit 9-J) (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 12:  Project Monitoring (PDF)

Exhibit 12-A:  Project Monitoring Guide (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 10:  Non-Competitive Housing Rehabilitation (PDF)

Exhibit 10-A:  Abstract of Agreement (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-B:  Preliminary Architectural Report Requirements (Rehab) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-C:  Pre-Acquisition Property Specific Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-D:  Rehab Property Specific Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-E:  Project Request Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-F:  Income Verification for Direct Beneficiaries of CDBG Rehab Funds (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-G:  Sub-Recipient Housing Rehabilitation Agreement (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-H:  Sample CDBG Rehab Site Budget Detailed (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 10-I:  CDBG Non-Competitive Rehabilitation Project Budget (PDF) (Word) (Excel)

Exhibit 10-J:  Project Implementation Schedule (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-K:  Guideform General Information Notice - Residential Tenant Who May Be Displaced (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-L:  Voluntary Rehabilitation Agreement (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-M:  Voluntary Agreement - Homebuyer Rehab Assistance (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-N:  Guideform -CDBG Voluntary Acquisition of Vacant Property (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 10-O:  Voluntary Acquisition of Foreclosed Property (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 8:  Economic Development Projects (PDF)

Exhibit 8-A1:  Sample CDBG ED Contract for Municipalities (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-A2:  Sample CDBG ED Contract for Counties (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-B:  Supplemental Conditions for Loan Documents (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-C1:  Sample Assistance Agreement (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-C2:  Sample Assistance Agreement for Non-Profit and Infrastructure Grants (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-D:  Sample Revolving Loan Fund Plan and Loan Application (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-E:  Calculation of Benefit to Low and Moderate Income Persons (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-F:  Employment Tracking and Direct Benefit Summary Instructions (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-F:  Employment Tracking Form (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 8-G1:  Sample Hiring and Training Plan (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-G2:  Customized Training Plan (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-H:  Environmental Review Procedures (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-I:  Loan Portfolio Data (LPD) Report (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-J:  Procurement Policy (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-K:  Eligible Activities

Exhibit 8-L1:  Sample RLF Subrecipient Agreement (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-L2:  Sample Non-RLF Subrecipient Agreement (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-M1:  Sample Management Plan for Local Government Management (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-M2:  Sample Management Plan for Loan Managed by Third Party Non-Profit (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-M3:  Sample Management Plan for Grant Managed by Third Party Non-Profit (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-N:  Program Income Flowchart - CDBG ED Program (PDF)

Exhibit 8-O:  Request for Payment & Status of Funds Report (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 8-O:  Blank Request for Funds Form (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 8-P:  CDBG-ED Employee Training Tracking Form (PDF) (Excel)

Chapter 7:  Acquisition and Relocation (PDF)

Exhibit 7-A:  Public Invitation for Acquisition of Real Property (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-B:  Voluntary Agreement Between Grantee and Individual Seller (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-C:  Voluntary Acquisition File Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-D:  Preliminary Acquisition Notice (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-E:  Agreement for Appraisal Services (Acquisition) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-F:  Sample Appraisal Report Review Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-G:  Written Offer to Purchase (including Statement of the Basis for Determination of Just Compensation) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-H:  Final Notice to Acquire by Negotiations (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-I:  Uniform Relocation Act Acquisition File Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-J:  Typical Acquisition Process Under the Uniform Relocation Act (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-K:  Waiver of Procedures and Rights Under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-L:  "When A Public Agency Acquires Your Property" (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 7-M:  Anti-displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 6:  Labor Standards (PDF)

Exhibit 6-A:  Federal Labor Standards Provisions: HUD-4010 Website Info (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-B:  Request for Wage Determination (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-C:  Report of Additional Classification and Wage Rate: HUD-4230A (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-D:  Request for Verification of Bidder Eligibility (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-E:  Pre-construction Conference Planning Guide (PDF)

Exhibit 6-F:  Federal Wage Poster: WH-1321 (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-G:  Equal Employment Opportunity Poster (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-H:  Job Safety and Health Protection Poster (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-I.1:  Weekly Payroll Report Forms Website Info (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-I.2:  Weekly Payroll Report Sample Form: WH-347 ( PDF)

Exhibit 6-I.3:  Weekly Payroll Report Sample Continued (PDF)

Exhibit 6-I.4-6:  Weekly Payroll Report Form (blank): WH-347 (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-I.7-8:  Instructions to Contractors for Preparation of Payroll Form WH-347 (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-I.9:  Statement of Compliance Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-I.10:  Instructions for Preparation of Statement of Compliance (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-J:  Contractor Payroll Information (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-K.1:  Record of Employee Interview Website (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-K.2:  Record of Employee Interview Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-K.3:  Instructions for Conducting Employee Interviews (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-L:  Labor Standards Definitions (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-M:  Volunteer Certification Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-N:  Contractor's Receipt of Required Program Materials (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-O:  Contractor's Guide to Davis-Bacon Requirements and Certified Payroll Reports (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 6-P:  Certification of Labor and Civil Rights Compliance and Authorization for Payment (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 5:  Civil Rights (PDF)

Exhibit 5-A:  Sample Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-B:  Sample Public Notice for Section 3 Responsibilities (Economic Opportunities for Low- and Very Low-Income Persons) (PDF)

Exhibit 5-C:  Required Contract Language for Section 3 Responsibilities (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-D:  Individual Direct Benefit Recording Form to be Completed by Head of Household (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-E:  Direct Benefit Summary Data (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-F:  Tribal Newspapers and Newsletters and Newspapers Published Adjacent to Montana's Indian Reservations (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-G:  Applicant Summary Sheet (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-H:  Interview and Hiring Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-I:  Grantee Employment Summary (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-J:  Contract Reporting Form and Instructions (same as Exhibits 9-K and 13-E) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-K:  Sample Letter of Work Notification to a DBE Firm (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-L:  Sample Equal Employment Opportunity Poster (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-M:  Sample Fair Housing Resolution (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-N:  Sample Fair Housing Poster (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-O:  Sample Fair Housing Handout and Complaint Pamphlet (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-P:  Sample Housing Program Notice (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-Q:  Sample Hatch Act Resolution (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-R:  Sample Section 504 and ADA Complaint Resolution Procedures and ADA Complaint Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-S:  Sample ADA Self-Evaluation Inventory and Transition Plan - Phillips County ADA Report (PDF)

Exhibit 5-T:  National and State Contacts for ADA Information and Assistance (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 5-U:  Civil Rights Responsibilities Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 1:  Project Start-Up (PDF)

Exhibit 1-A:  Sample Management Plan (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 1-B:  Sample Management Plan Format for a Public Facilities Project Administered by Local Staff (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 1-C:  Sample Management Plan Format for a Housing Project Administered with the Assistance of a Consultant (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 1-D:  Signature Certification Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 1-E:  Designation of Depository Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 1-F:  Guidelines on Firm Commitment of Non-CDBG Funding (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 1-G:  Project Start-up Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 1-H:  Contract Template for a CDBG Project - for Cities and Towns (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 1-I:  Contract Template for a CDBG Project - for Counties (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 2:  Environmental Review (PDF)

Exhibit 2-A:  Designation of Environmental Certifying Official (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-AA:  Statement of Need for Re-Evaluation of Environmental Assessment (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-B:  Environmental Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-BB:  Site-Specific Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-C:  Statutory Checklist of Applicable Statutes and Regulations (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-CC:  HUD Guide to Environmental Compliance: NEPA-Related Statutes, Authorities and Requirements (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-D:  Eight-Step Decision Making Process (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-E:  Documentation of Eight-Step Decision Making Process (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-F:  Early Public Notice for Floodplains and/or Wetlands (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-G:  Notice of Explanation for Floodplains and/or Wetlands (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-H:  Historic Preservation Review Process (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-I:  Notice to State Historic Preservation Office (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-J:  Finding of Categorical Exclusion (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-K:  Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds (NOI/RROF) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-L:  Request for Release of Funds and Certification (RROF) for a Finding of Categorical Exclusion (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-M:  Consolidated Environmental Assessment (EA) Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-N:  Combination Notice: Finding of No Significant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds (FONSI/NOI/RROF) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-O:  NOI/RROF and FONSI/NOI/RROF Distribution List (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-P:  Finding of Exemption for All Project Activities (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-Q:  Request for Release of Funds and Certification (RROF) for an Environmental Assessment (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-R:  Finding of Exemption for All Project Activities (for Certain Categorically Excluded Activities) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-S:  Sources of Environmental Information (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-T:  Combined FONSI/NOI/RROF for SRF/CDBG Funded Projects (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-U:  Combined FONSI/NOI/RROF for RD/CDBG Funded Projects (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-V:  HUD Lead-Based Paint Requirements for Housing Rehabilitation Projects (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-W:  Lead-Based Paint - Homebuyer Assistance (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-X:  Acknowledgment of Receipt (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-Y:  Lead-Based Paint Notices (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 2-Z:  Asbestos Consultants, Contractors and Laboratories (PDF) (Word)

Chapter 9:  Public Facilities Construction Management (PDF)

Exhibit 9-A:  Architect's Certification: Compliance with Minimum Standards for Accessibility by the Physically Handicapped (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-B:  CDBG Supplemental General Conditions (9-B, Pages 2-7) and Federal Labor Standards Provisions (See Exhibit 6-A) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-C:  Transmittal of Construction Contract Checklist and Proposed Bid Document, Checklist of Required Clauses for CDBG Construction Contracts, and Executive Order 11246 Clause (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-D:  Notice of Contract Award and Pre-construction Conference (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-E:  Contract Award Report and Gross Receipts Withholding Report: Miscellaneous Tax Division, Montana Department of Revenue (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-F:  Sample Grant Contract for Public Facilities: CDBG Contract between the Grant Recipient and the Montana Department of Commerce (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-G:  Sample Interlocal Agreement for County and Rural Water and Sewer District (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-H:  Construction Contractor Registration Law (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-I:  Sample Sub-Recipient Agreement (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-J:  Checklist for Construction Bid Document (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-K:  Contractor Reporting Form (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-L:  Section 3 Summary Report (Economic Opportunities for LMI Persons) (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-M:  Public Facility Construction Management Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-N:  Sample Landlord Deferred Repayment Assistance Agreement (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-O:  Notice of Security Interest in Real Property to Secure Repayment of a Wastewater Upgrade Assessment Assistance (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 9-P:  Sample Sub-Recipient Agreement for Affordable Housing Project With Multiple Funding Sources (PDF)

*UPDATED July 2014* Debarment Information (PDF)

*UPDATED July 2014* Section 3 Business Registry Information (Link)

Chapter 3:  Procurement Standards (PDF)

Exhibit 3-A.1-7:  Federal Regulations Governing Conflict of Interest (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-A.8:  Sample Criteria for Evaluating Consultant Proposals (PDF) (Excel)

Exhibit 3-B:  Sample Format for a RFP for Management Services (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-C:  Sample Format for a RFP for Engineering Services (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-D:  Sample Format for Advertising the Availability of a Request for Proposals (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-E:  Sample Selection Criteria for Evaluating Consultant Proposals (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-F:  Sample Format for a Professional Services Contract (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-G:  Sample Format for CDBG Supplemental Conditions to Standard Contracts for Architectural, Engineering, and Grant Administration Services (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-H:  Checklist of Required Contract Clauses for Engineering, Architectural, and Grant Administration Services Contracts (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-I:  Procurement Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-J:  Sample Consultant's Invoice (PDF) (Word)

Exhibit 3-K:  Compensation (PDF) (Word)

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