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Hard Rock Mining Impact Board

The Hard Rock Mining Impact (HRMI) Board administers the Hard-Rock Mining Impact Act (HRMIA) and the companion Property Tax Base Sharing (PTBS) Act.  The HRMI Board provides technical assistance with metal mines license tax distributions. The Board also can adjudicate disputes between affected entities.

  • The purpose of HRMIA and PTBS Act is to mitigate local government services, facility and fiscal impacts from new large-scale hard-rock mineral developments in the State.
  • Mineral developers and affected local governments prepare and implement impact plans intended to ensure that local government services and facilities are available when and where they are needed as a result of new mineral developments, without imposing additional costs on the existing local taxpayer.
  • Developers pay new capital and net operating costs through prepaid property taxes with a subsequent tax credit, grant, or facility impact bonds.
  • Under specified circumstances, affected entities may petition the Board to amend approved impact plans.

Board Background

  • The HRMI is five-member, quasi-judicial board appointed by the Governor. The Board was created in 1981 with the enactment of the HRMIA.
  • The Board administers the HRMIA and parts of the PTBS Act.  It also adjudicates certain disputes about impact plans.
  • The Board is attached to the Montana Department of Commerce for administrative purposes only.

***NEWLY ADDED*** 2008 Guide of the Implementation of The Hard-Rock Mining Impact Act and The Property Tax-Base Sharing Act

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