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The Community Grants Bureau within the Community Development Division is responsible for administering state and federal programs and provides technical assistance to assist local governments, non-profit and for-profit organizations, the public, and other federal and state programs in the completion of construction-related projects and financial-assistance activities funded with Bureau programs.  Projects and activities include infrastructure improvements, housing rehabilitation and development, school facility improvements, economic development, and various other projects that are a priorities to communities throughout Montana. The Bureau's goal is to support all projects and activities to produce a successful completed project that will benefit Montana communities.

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Montana Coal Board
The Montana Coal Board, a seven-member board, was created in 1975 by the Legislature through Senate Bill 87 and the adoption of the Coal Severance Tax. The Board awards grants pursuant to 90-6-207, MCA, which provides the priorities for grants to counties, communities, school districts, or other governmental units that has had or expects to have a net increase or decrease in estimated population as a result of the impact of coal development.

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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program
The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program is a federally-funded grant program that provides assistance to communities with community development needs such as housing, public facilities, economic development and planning grants.

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Hard Rock Mining Impact Board
The Hard Rock Mining Impact Board administeres the Hard Rock Mining Impact Act and the companion Property Tax Base Sharing Act. The Board provides technical assistance with metal mines license tax distributions.

For more information, visit the Hard Rock Mining Impact Board website.


HOME Program
The HOME Program is a federal block grant program directed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and is designed to create affordable housing for low-income households.

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Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP)
The Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP) helps local governments, tribal governments, and local water and sewer districts complete public infrastructure improvements. The program is funded by interest earnings on the Coal Tax Severance Fund.

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Quality Schools Grant Program
The Quality Schools Grant Program is a competitive grant program that provides school facility and technology grants, matching planning grants, and emergency grants for public school districts in Montana. The Quality Schools program is funded through the timber harvest on common school trust lands and rental income received from power site leases, deposited into the school facility and technology account.

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Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) - 2008 to 2010
The Montana Department of Commerce received two, one-time only, allocations of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). NSP1 and NSP3 funds were awarded through a competitive grant process to stabilize communities experiencing the impacts from the housing crisis. The program is no longer awarded funds since all awarded NSP funds have been fully expended. However, NSP grantees are utilizing program income funds to continue the impact of NSP funds in their communities. The program continues to operate at a local level with program income funds and reporting the use of the funds to the Department of Commerce.

Specific NSP eligible projects must include one or more of the NSP activities:

NSP funds can be used to:

  • Create financing mechanisms to purchase and redevelop abandoned and foreclosed properties (through means such as soft-second loans, loan loss reserves, and shared-equity loans);
  • Purchase and rehabilitate abandoned and foreclosed homes to re-sell, rent, or redevelop;
  • Establish land banks of foreclosed home properties;
  • Demolish blighted structures, if the activity will directly assist a household at or below 120 percent of the area median income; and
  • Redevelop demolished or vacant properties, if the activity will directly assist a household at or below 120 percent of the area median income.

NSP funds can also be used for:

  • Public services for counseling for those benefiting from NSP funds;
  • Direct homeownership assistance for households at or below 120 percent of the area median income;
  • The construction and rehabilitation of commercial and industrial buildings, if directly linked to one of the activities described above; and
  • Residential household relocation; and acquisition.

Quarterly Reports:

  • NSP1 Quarterly Report (PDF)
  • NSP3 Quarterly Report (PDF)

State of Montana Consolidated Plan
The Consolidated Plan is designed to meet the requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and various housing and community development acts passed by the U.S. Congress.

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