Hard Rock Mining Impact Board

Board Members

As required by statute, the citizens appointed to the Board are selected using the following criteria: three persons who, at the time of appointment, reside in an area impacted or expected to be impacted by large-scale mineral development; at least two persons from the two districts described in Section 5-1-102, MCA. In making these appointments, the Governor will select a representative of the hard-rock mining industry; a representative of a major financial institution in Montana; a person who, at the time of appointment, is an elected school district trustee; a person who, when appointed, is an elected county commissioner; and a member of the public-at-large.

Montana Appointee Handbook

Mark S. Thompson
Butte, MT
District 1
Qualifications: Representative of the hard-rock mining industry
Term: May 18, 2018 to Jan. 1, 2021

John C. Rogers
Clancy, MT
District 1
Qualifications: Public At-Large
Term: May 18, 2018 to Jan. 1, 2021

Donna von Nieda
Nye, MT
District 1
Qualifications: Impact Area and Elected School District Trustee
Term: May 29, 2015 to January 1, 2019

Keith Kelly
Helena, MT
District 2
Qualifications: Representative of a major financial institution 
Term: May 18, 2018 to Jan. 1, 2021

Jane Weber
Great Falls, MT
District 2
Qualifications: County Commissioner
Term: April 8, 2016 to January 1, 2019


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